Help save St John's Preschool

Help save St John's Preschool

The Early Years Manager of St John's Pre School in Macclesfield has started a fund to raise money for the survival of the pre school which has unfortunately been left in a precarious situation due to Covid 19 and the lack of available support.

Even under normal circumstances the pre school has to raise money for things such as their roof repair/replacement and make up the short fall etc as is not paid for by the council or government. This of course is wrong and is something that should be campaigned to change longer term but in the mean time support is needed immediately.

As a pre school that is very close to us through both family and friends, we are keen to do what we can to assist. Therefore we have added some additional incentives to help promote the fund and encourage support. Below is the quote from the pre school along with the link, followed by our additional incentives.

"As a charity Pre-school we inevitably go through good times and bad times, however with Covid 19 and the loopholes in the system, it has hit our lovely Pre-school very hard. I know lots of people and businesses are finding themselves in a similar situation but I was wondering if anyone is kind enough to join me in making a difference?

We are raising money in aid of St John’s Charity Pre- School as we want to prevent our pre-school from closing and ensure our lovely setting and community can continue on for many years to come.Every single donation how ever big or small will make a huge difference. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me and all the ladies."

As an extra incentive for your support, for every donation received up to and including Sunday 7th June 2020 we will conduct a random draw for a selection of gifts supplied through Order.Beer and our producers. These will include 

Order.Beer case of 12 mixed beers
12 Bottles of Darley Abbey Cider
A bottle of Rhubling Sparkling Wine
Order.Beer Triangular Gift Tube


St John's Pre School Needs Your Help, Donate now to save the pre school

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