Twisted Wheel Brewery

Twisted Wheel Brewery can be found in Standish, Greater Manchester sitting comfortably between Manchester and Wigan, the Northern Soul links are certainly vibrant and heavily influences of their great beer.

Founded quite recently in October 2019 and brewed the first Twisted Wheel beers at the brewery in February 2020 just a month before the pandemic hit but thankfully they were able to get their beer into cans and we were delighted to be able to work with Mark and the team to get their beers out across the UK, some may have been sampled a couple of times by our founder too.. (for testing purposes, obviously!)

Here's a quote about the brewery's origins:

"The brewery is independently owned and takes inspiration from one of the most exciting music and dance movements. The Northern Soul scene is real. Soul music is real music, made by real people, playing real instruments and using words that reach into the soul of the listener. There’s no pretence, no bull, no plastic surgery smiles and faith suits. We have created a company that is only about producing the best beers we can, to be enjoyed and remembered."

Twisted Wheel Brewery Cans

You've now read enough about the brewery, it's time to test them properly. Order for delivery to yourselves or treat a friend. Found in our mixed selections and brewery specific packs too.