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English Wine Week

English wine week starts officially Saturday the 20th to 28th June 2020, however for some it's a bit like the queens birthday as it was meant to be earlier in the year so if you've celebrated it twice, then there won't be any complaints from us!

 English Vineyard Example Celebrating English Wine Week

Of course this years circumstances haven't been ideal for anyone and a number of festivals, exhibitions and events would have been taking place to celebrate the fabulous English wine producers we have across the country. However fear not, a range of English wine is available for you to enjoy in your homes and with family and friends, where social distancing and respect for safety and others is maintained. Of course not forgetting, smiles, laughter and togetherness which is essential in all times. Whilst initially many of us have been raising a glass virtually, it's good to see us able to use our gardens and outdoor space to welcome us, even if distanced.


In regards to English wine, it was actually only at the end of March that we began to include a range of wines amongst some great beer and we're glad to say from the feedback we've received, they have gone down a treat and seeing repeat orders clearly shows they are enjoyed for the long term.


There have been two producers especially who we have been working with so far and we will discuss those now.


Clive's wines based in Staffordshire, produce a range of award winning fruit based wines which can be drank on their own or used to make a range of cocktails, long drinks and additional creations. Initially some people are reluctant to try non grape wines but until you have, you don't know what they taste like and they are enjoyable with or after food or in isolation, sorry isolation maybe not the best word for now but at least we're beginning to feel less isolated in general and it's great to be able to share wine with friends, when the rain holds off!

Clive Darby of Clive's Wines ForagingA range of English Fruit Wines

The mixed selections have been particularly popular with Elderflower lovers also loving the options there and Damson becoming a firm favourite for those more accustomed to traditional grape wine. If you haven't tried the wine before I would recommend the mixed selection and then pick your favourites! Have a look at the range.

Rhubling Sparkling WineMixed Selection Of Clive's Wines

Also don't forget the Rhubling which is a sparkling Rhubarb based wine, perfect for celebrating those special occasions.

There is an old variety of Rhubarb called 'Champagne' it is one of the earliest varieties and is recognised as being the best forced rhubarb variety. 

Now we will leave you to decide this one but what a testimonial this is!

"Your Rhubling is gorgeous. A nice fizz and a lovely balanced flavour of dry and sweet, so much nicer than champagne in our opinion." Nicky Griffith

I'm not sure if I could read that and not try it, in fact we do have one cooling in the fridge at this very moment. So before my attention sways to the fridge I best add the link so you can look at it yourselves! Order Rhubling Sparkling wine.

English Red Grape WineEnglish Grape White WineEnglish Grape Rose Wine

If traditional grape wine is your preference then you may want to have a look at the Half Penny Green range, who do a red, white and a rose. The only thing I would say is that the names could possibly be a bit easier but they certainly make them intriguing! Penny Black is actually their White wine, so that's Half Penny Green Penny Black, maybe say that before you've had a couple of glasses! The red is actually called Penny Red and the rose is English Rose so they're a little easier to remember!  


What's this doing here, I hear you say! Well we've taken our award winning gift tubes and added a little twist, as this variation includes 3 miniature wines, order your Mini Wines Gift Tube


After reading all this and you don't like wine, then no problem either as thankfully we've plenty beer too! However definitely give it a try and you can order wine and beer at the same time, so maybe you can please everyone...