Summary (Legal and processes)

Ok thank you for reading this, this is the Legal Eagle simplified.

We do have lots of other pages detailing full terms and conditions and appropriate legal bits etc but I hope this is a friendly summary.

This site is for over 18s only, if you are under 18 you've come to far already. It's also illegal to buy alcohol online if under the age of 18, so please don't try it, you could get yourself and others in trouble.

All our beer is sourced from the breweries, many who we have met or visited and your orders are fulfilled by appropriately licenced personnel and premises. 

We are in the early stages so we will try and help as much as possible. Of course we are reliant on others and whilst we do our best to monitor all processes somethings are outside our control but if something happens we'll sort it.

If you have any issues or questions with any areas, please let us know directly please and we will sort these out with you. We want this to be a long term relationship which of course works for us, yourselves and the breweries.

Oh yes, that's right what do we do? We connect local breweries to global doors. Sounds a bit grand doesn't it! Well for now you can get beer across the UK but we are regularly attending department of international trade events with the breweries longer term prospects in mind. For example we attended a doing business with Boston event and they were looking at five different british beers, so get it quick and order your beer online now, delivered to your door.

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If you don't want to order any beer at the moment and prefer to read the legal blurb have a look at the following:


Thanks and enjoy the journey.