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Ok so it's the middle of the summer holidays and it's raining. So like what seemed the majority of parents in the area we ventured to a Wacky Warehouse, where the kids could play on the slides, get a slush puppy and ask, well keep asking for a few pound coins for the grabber machines despite the activities available which we'd paid for.

Anyway during this time, we took the opportunity to investigate some potential new breweries and their products which we may add to our selections in due course.

What became clear though was some of the creative design and mastery and particularly imagination had been put into the design of both cans and bottles. We discussed this together and the point of wouldn't it be great one day to get our children's artwork on some of our own products.

Two cans from Brewboard Brewery

It was becoming clearer, of course this is possible. 

Returning home later on, whilst it would be expected they'd be crashing out to some paw patrol or wacky races (ok sorry that one was me). I'd made tea (ok another confession, I'd put a pizza in alongside some crisps) and got presented with a few pieces of paper with some of their own creations and wowza, fantastic. It hit me, yes we have a business selling beer online and we have to ensure all the logistical side is smoother and deal with the courier system but what opportunities have we got, loads!

You may or may not know but the artist we worked with for our triangular tubes also provides art lessons for children of all ages. I also did art at school, I wasn't necessarily good at it, in fact technically I failed it with a D but that wasn't the point. For me it was a break from the number crunching and bizarre how will this ever apply to life maths and other courses to give me a moment to break free and be creative in the world of imagination. 

It's early on for us in the business but in simple terms I like food and beer plus visiting Italy was fantastic. Now somehow we've been able to combine these areas as a "job". We're working with the department of international trade to look into opportunities for assisting the breweries we are working with and ourselves of realising the vision which has always been connecting local breweries to global doors including Italia. Now there are lot of doors left in the United Kingdom to get to too but making an idea a reality is possible and it can be enjoyable too amongst the roller coaster of running a business, so having a few minutes to take in these moments is so worthwhile.

I'm not near a scanner at the moment but pictures will follow.

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