National Gin Day 12 June 2021 - So much more than just a G&T!

National Gin Day 12 June 2021 - So much more than just a G&T!

National Gin Day 12 July 2021 So much more than just a G&T!

National Gin Day – So much more than just a G&T

Many people enjoy a great Gin and Tonic, some like to keep it simple with just ice and a slice, but others like to adventure further but, there is so much more to know about this historic spirit.

NATIONAL GIN DAY FACT: The word ‘Gin’ is the English translation of the Dutch word ‘Jenever’

Traditionally made in Europe and defined by the use of the juniper berry which provides botanical flavour.  Juniper is supported by other botanical characters such as coriander or cassia, the more contemporary gins are distilled using mixes of leaves, flowers and spice to give some complexity to the gin.

A little bit of history and its connections to India.

Juniper flavoured spirits date back hundreds of years, the Dutch established recreational consumption of juniper flavoured drinks with the addition of exotic spices. The English then took a strong liking to the spirit and started to produce a less malty and cleaner spirit which became Gin.

During the colonisation of India by the British, hordes of people were affected by Malaria.  They swiftly found a cure by using an infusion of the Chinchona Bark – which incidentally evolved into our well-known tonic water. In its bare state is tasted horrible so there was a need to make it more drinkable and the most popular beverage at the time was Gin. So they pulled together a cocktail of bark infused into a mix of gin and lime juice and thus – the legendary Gin and Tonic was born.

From this time on Gin went from strength to strength crossing the Atlantic into American markets and soon the Gin cocktail was introduced.

Give one of the Top 5 Gin a try on National Gin Day          

  1. Gin and Bitter Lemon
  2. Gin and Prosecco
  3. Gin and Orange
  4. Gin and Pink Lemonade
  5. Gin and Cranberry Juice

Or mix yourself up one of the Top 5 Gin Cocktails

  1. Gin Martini
  2. Tom Collins
  3. Gin Sling
  4. White Lady
  5. Good Ole G&T

If you need a recipe - just email us at and we'll send it right over

NATIONAL GIN DAY FACT – At one point Gin became known as the bane of British society. Gin joints became some of the first places where women drank alongside men. This led to the belief they were neglecting their children and turning to a life of debauchery – hence Gin’s nickname of ‘Mother’s Ruin’

From Mother’s Ruin to a Modern Tipple

Gin has seen a real surge over the past few years with Gin parties, gin menus, ginvent calendars, gin tasting tours and even a gin hotel – the UK’s renewed passion for all things gin is fast creating a whole new industry boom. Demand for interesting gins, made by small scale craft and artisan producers has escalated

NATIONAL GIN DAY FACT - The total number of distilleries registered in the UK now stands at 563. England's distillery numbers have topped 300 for the first time, with 311 registered in the region as of 2020. The number of distilleries in England has almost tripled since 2016.(Feb2021)

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