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Cheshire Gin No.1 Wild Raspberry Gin

Cheshire Gin No.1 Wild Raspberry Gin

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This unique Gin from the Cheshire Gin Company is artisan hand-crafted in small batches to produce a sweet berry gin, making Cheshire Gin No.1 Wild Raspberry Gin a unique product from the Cheshire Gin Company, 

This is the 50cl (500ml) large bottle and is handmade in small batches using organic and foraged botanicals gathered by the Cheshire Gin team. Infused with wild Raspberries and produced using Buxton Water the result is a subtle yet wonderful sharp yet sweet berry Gin.

The resulting balance of complex flavours created with each botanical creates a unique Gin that can be enjoyed either on its own or mixed as a classic Gin and Tonic. 

Alcohol Volume is 40%

Bottle size is 500ml (50cl)

* Please note the glass and contents of the glass including the raspberries aren't included and are for illustration purposes only. Just what the gin's been infused with inside the bottle which of course will be full! You can then create your own refreshing drink mixed to your liking. Enjoy.   

More about the producer

The Cheshire Gin Company are artisan small batch producers of the very finest British Dry Gin and Gin Liqueurs. Their handpicked botanicals are carefully blended and distilled using Cheshire's Peckforton or Staffordshire's Buxton Waters. The unique flavour combinations have created a delectable range of Gin's and matching Liqueurs that can be enjoyed on their own, over ice with tonic or as an essential element of a fizzy cocktail.

If you prefer a lighter drink instead then check out the liqueur version which is 20% lower alcohol.