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Cheshire Gin No.7

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This unique Gin from the Cheshire Gin Company is artisan hand-crafted in small batches to produce an unfiltered premium Cheshire Dry Gin. Cheshire Gin No.7 is a unique product from the Cheshire Gin Company, named so because of the seven botanicals used. Using a mixture of the very finest organic or locally foraged ingredients, this Gin is blended and distilled using Cheshire Peckforton Hills Water. 

The resulting balance of complex flavours created with each botanical creates a unique Gin that can be enjoyed either on its own or mixed as a classic Gin and Tonic. 

Cheshire Gin No.7 takes its name from the number of botanicals used in the blending and distilling process.

This Gin contains the following seven ("7!", as Len Goodman may say!) ingredients and these are:
1) Juniper, 2) Coriander, 3) Cardamon, 4) Angelica Root, 5) Mint, 6) Lemon Peel,and 7) Camomile.

Alcohol Volume is 40%

Bottle size is 700ml (70cl)

More about the producer

The Cheshire Gin Company are artisan small batch producers of the very finest British Dry Gin and Gin Liqueurs. Their handpicked botanicals are carefully blended and distilled using Cheshire's Peckforton or Staffordshire's Buxton Waters. The unique flavour combinations have created a delectable range of Gin's and matching Liqueurs that can be enjoyed on their own, over ice with tonic or as an essential element of a fizzy cocktail.