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Scillian Lemoncello Gin Liqueur (Cheshire Gin Company)

Scillian Lemoncello Gin Liqueur (Cheshire Gin Company)

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Scillian Lemoncello Gin Liqueur is a unique product from the Cheshire Gin Company. 

Combining the thoughts and pleasures and tastes of Italy with the comforts and tranquil rolling hills of Cheshire, this Scillian inspired Lemoncello is a taste sensation for your taste buds. You certainly won't be bitter about trying this!

50cl (500ml) and 20% ABV

This Gin is handmade in small batches using only natural flavourings. They take zested Lemons and steep them with sugar and then blend the liqueur with our finest gin. Produced using Buxton Water the result is a subtle yet wonderful homage to the Italian Limoncello drink. The natural yellow colour of this gin liqueur makes an attractive addition as a cocktail with tonic over ice or even served its own in chilled glasses as they do in Italy. Try adding Scillian Lemoncello Gin Liqueur to Prosecco or Champagne to create a delectable Lemon Gin Cocktail fizz.

More about the producer

Before we go off track too much it's worth a little recap about The Cheshire Gin Company and the details behind this wonderful local independent producer.

The Cheshire Gin Company are artisan small batch producers of the very finest British Dry Gin and Gin Liqueurs. Their handpicked botanicals are carefully blended and distilled using Cheshire's Peckforton or Staffordshire's Buxton Waters. The unique flavour combinations have created a delectable range of Gin's and matching Liqueurs that can be enjoyed on their own, over ice with tonic or as an essential element of a fizzy cocktail.

A flavour for Italy

A taste of Italy in a glass, now what food should you order to go with it?

Or before it should we say, 

Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestivo. Along the Amalfi Coast, it is usually served in small ceramic glasses that are also chilled. This tradition has been carried into other parts of Italy. Limoncello is also used to make various cocktails, pastry or ice cream.

In the UK, limoncello is also called lemoncello but whatever you call it, it is a wonderful drink with a growing popularity. Plus now with this clever twist from an independent artisan producer, the combination you've been looking for, may just be a few clicks away.