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Eastern Spice Blend 50cl Bottle
Italian Spice Blend 50cl Bottle
Italian Spice Taster Set
Eastern Spice Blend Taster Set

Botanical Spirits

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The mission was to create spirits which worked with food as well as on its own.

Two years of development and testing later and The Eastern Spice Blend, as well as The Italian Spice Blend were born, during the Covid lockdown.

Martin and Brown Botanic Distillates are beautifully crafted spirits which work wonderfully with food. A husband and wife team behind the story and after some testing was completed (ahem sampling) and ideas shared we are delighted to bring these new and exciting spirits to our range and support another independent producer.

The perfect starting point for an inspired drink. So here's the choices:

Italian Spice Blend (50cl, 40% ABV)

The Italian Spice Blend is daringly different with a punch of tomato, aromatic and fragrant peppers, oregano and a hint of chilli. Simply gorgeous served with Fever Tree Light Mediterranean Tonic Water and a garnish of olives, cherry tomato and a sliver of chilli.

This is a complex blend of eleven botanicals with a lovely tomato aroma, hits of chilli and oregano. A savoury experience

This particular tonic water isn’t sweet and so the spicy flavour of the spirit shines through. If you like it spicy, add a splash of your favourite chilli sauce.

Eastern Spice Blend (50cl, 40% ABV)

The Eastern Spice Blend has a bold fresh coriander flavour with notes of orange, ginger, rose and fennel. Served simply with ice, a slice of orange or a twist of orange peel, then top up with Fever Tree Light Tonic Water. Also works beautifully with Fever Tree Clementine Tonic Water or Light Ginger Ale.

This complex blend of fourteen beautiful botanicals includes orange, fresh coriander cardamom, clove, fennel, ginger and rose.

Gift sets / intro kits

These contain a 20cl bottle of either blend together with some mixers and garnish.