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Yorkshire Heart Brewery Collection

Yorkshire Heart Brewery Collection

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Yorkshire is famous for many things and as they say you often want to get to the heart of it and Yorkshire Heart is just that. An award winning family run brewery based in Nun Monkton which is, well you guessed it, in the heart of Yorkshire!

They've also got their own vineyards and wine but it's the beer we're bothered about now isn't it so let's concentrate on that.

With a range of 10 beers available to tantalize your taste buds, we've created some selections to include a mixed selection, 12 of a specific beer and also a couple of other collections just to give you that extra choice.

Well I know you're thinking about the wine now aren't you so before you get back to the beer specifics here's a little history. Yorkshire Heart is award-winning family run vineyard and brewery based at Nun Monkton in the heart of Yorkshire. The vineyard, near York, started as a hobby for chief winemaker Gillian in 2000 with 35 vines. Now the Spakouskas family lovingly nurture 22,000 vines all year round, producing fine English wine from grape to glass on-site in their winery. 

Back to the beer!

Yorkshire Heart Brewery was established in 2011 at Nun Monkton, near York. Our five-barrel plant and bottling line is situated just up the road from the Yorkshire Heart vineyard, managed by Tim Spakouskas. 

The brewery has gone from strength to strength since it was established, with a fantastic team who are passionate about producing quality, easy drinking craft beers. Only using the best malts and hops from reputable suppliers from Yorkshire. 

The mixed selection contains 12 beers from the following beers below. Then we've added a light collection which features the pale ales, IPAs etc and a darker selection which will contain the Porters, Stouts and darker beers, plus a Lager selection too.

  • Hearty bitter 3.8%, 500ml Bottle

Chestnut brown in colour with bitter toffee flavours. A classic Yorkshire bitter.

  • Quaffer 3.6%, 500ml Bottle

An easy drinking 'quaffable' pale ale.

  • Blonde 3.9%, 500ml Bottle

Blonde colour with hoppy citrus flavours.

  • Silverheart IPA 4.0%, 500ml Bottle

Our best selling IPA with spice, lemon and citrus flavours.

  • Blackheart stout 4.8%, 500ml Bottle

Strong dark stout with roasted coffee and molasses flavours

  • Ghost porter 5.4%, 500ml Bottle

Rich, smooth porter with chocolate notes.

  • Rhubarbeer 3.7%, 500ml Bottle

Dark in colour with delicious fruity rhubarb flavours. The benefits of living near the rhubarb triangle!

  • Get pithed 4.2%, 500ml Bottle

Golden Ale with citrus orange flavours.

  • JRT Best 4.2%, 500ml Bottle

Dark golden best bitter with caramel and citrus flavours. Brewed in memory of Tim the Brewer's Grandfather 'James Rodney Throupe'

  • Liberty lager 5.0%, 500ml Bottle

Our unique Yorkshire lager with zesty flavours.



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