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Staffordshire Gin

Staffordshire Gin

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Staffordshire Gin available to order online delivered to your door.

Small batch craft gin, crafted with love and care in Staffordshire in the heart of England. 

Black Violet (40% ABV, 70cl)

A smoked pepper combination with a hint of violet. This award-winning gin is complex and has underlying botanicals of cubeb, sloe and cassia. A contemporary gin which is incredibly versatile and can be served in a variety of ways.
Garnish with berries.

Black Violet is defined by black cardamom and sweet violet. The intricate layers of complementary botanicals enhance the complexity of this sultry gin.

Rose Gold (40% ABV, 70cl)

An orange flavoured body to this drink with low hints of cassia and hibiscus. It has top notes of rose and saffron. A floral and pleasantly spiced expression. Serve with rose lemonade, pink grapefruit tonic or traditionally. Garnish with an orange wheel.

Here's a little more about the origins of Staffordshire Gin and a few words from the founders Jay and Claire:

"Travelling all over the country in our camper van, we came across gins from other cities and counties, but never Staffordshire gin. We decided to make it happen ourselves and launched The Staffordshire Gin Company in 2018.

Our home in the mining town of Silverdale is where the pioneering engineer Lord John Cadman - known locally as ‘Our Jack’ - was born. We have always been proud of our local area and it gives us immense pleasure to provide people with a quality, hand-crafted drink inspired by its heritage.

We set out to create our gins using traditional botanicals, both to respect the origins of the drink and to achieve a satisfying depth and complexity of flavour in every glass. Staffordshire Gin is distilled through copper plates using water from Chase Spring, Lichfield, in our still ‘Lord Cadman’.

Whether you are born and bred in Staffordshire, have relocated to our wonderful county or are just passing through, we would love to help you find out: Which gin are you?"

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