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Off The Wheaten Path (Gluten Free) - Beer in a Box

Off The Wheaten Path (Gluten Free) - Beer in a Box

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Off The Wheaten Path is a gluten Free golden ale with citrus hints

Alcohol content – 3.5%

Beer in a Box Considerations

We fill our boxes with fresh beer to order.

The advantages of beer in a box is that it’s sealed every time you pour. If you store your box cool it will last typically 3-4 weeks before it goes out of date.

We recommend that during the summer months, if you are ordering beer in advance for an event, please be prepared to keep it cool, below 12C in a fridge is ideal. Beer contains live yeast, which will be active during transit and storage, the yeast releases CO2 which makes the bag expand out of the box. If this happens, sit the box on it’s end and release the excess gas via the tap, it is then best to get it cooled down to make the yeast dormant and settle the beer again.

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