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Gluten Free Beer Selection
Gluten Free Beer Selection

Gluten Free Beer Selection

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We have sourced some fantastic certified Gluten Free Beer which has been requested by a few people and now it's available to order.

The initial selection includes the following from the fantastic Brass Castle Brewery and also JP Brewery:

Brass Castle:

  • 3 x Bad Kitty (330ml can, 5.5%) - Robust fulsome dark porter, enhanced with vanilla.

    A 5.7% full-bodied IPA. We use our traditional top-cropping house yeast alongside a welter of hops from North America and Australia, to create a North Yorkshire version of the US West Coast style.

    • 3 x Yorkshire Lavender (440ml can, 4%) - Oatmeal Pale Ale with lavender 

    Oatmeal Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with Yorkshire Lavender, showcasing Lavandula Angustifolia. Gluten-free.

    JP Brewery:

    • 6 x JP British Standard - (330ml, Alc: 5%, Malt: Pale, Cara, Choco Hops: Target, Fuggles, East Kent)

    Exceptionally satisfying premium lager brewed with barley and hops grown exclusively in Britain. 

    Setting the new standard. JP British Standard



    To achieve certified gluten-free status Brass Castle Brewery use a Murphy & Son enzyme product called 'Brewers Clarex' - added in a tiny amount during fermentation.  Marvellously, it contains an enzyme isolated from a self-cloned strain of the mould Aspergillus niger.  Some breweries use it to reduce protein haze; but a lovely side-effect is a reduction in dissolved gluten.  Their certified gluten-free beers are tested through Brewlab, Sunderland, using the competitive ELISA testing protocol.