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Can Tastic Selection - 24 x 330ml Cans
Can tastic beer selection

Can Tastic Selection - 24 x 330ml Cans

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What rhymes with Fantastic? Can Tastic! In this selection you get twenty four cans.

Wow, twenty four cans in one box, what a party awaits.

The Selection Consists Of:

Brew York:

  • 2 x Brew York Brew York - 5.1% (Pale Ale, 330ml Can)

So good we named it twice-and hopped it thrice! Brew York’s signature beer has everything it takes to be a great ale. An enticing aroma to tantalise and tempt the taste buds, with a beautifully tropical flavour that keeps you craving more.

  • 2 x Maris the Otter - 3.9% (English Bitter, 330ml Can)

Hopped with 3 varieties of new world hops, set against a malt backbone of 5 different malts Maris the Otter is a complex modern take on English Bitter. Named in homage to both Maris Otter, the most supreme of brewing grains, which celebrates its 50th birthday in the launch year of Brew York (2016) and the Otter that inhabits the river Foss directly behind the Brew York Craft Brewery.

  • 2 x X-Panda - 4.5% (IPA, 330ml Can)

It’s all about the Hops with X-panda. We keep the same core malt recipe and constantly try out new combinations to make the tastiest beer we can.


Drygate Brewery:

  • 2 x Crossing the Rubicon - 6.9% (IPA, 330ml Can)

Pale golden Weegie-West Coast IPA. Tropical fruit, citrus and honey combine with a cutting bitter finish.

  • 2 x Disco Fork Lift Truck - 5.1% (Mango Pale Ale, 330ml Can)

Mango Fandango! Juicy pale ale loaded to the gunnels with US hops and mango. Sweet malt with soft bitter undertones.

  • 2 x Orinoco - 6.0% (Stout, 330ml Can)

Roasty toasty malt, hints of vanilla with huge coffee and chocolate aromas.

  • 2 x Seven Peaks - 5.0% (Mosaic IPA, 330ml Can)

Their flagship IPA. A riotous, uncompromising, and bold cacophony of mosaic hop aromatics on a crisp malt backbone.

Intrepid Brewing Co.:

  • 2 x Breakfast Stout - 3.9% (Stout, 330ml Can)

A smooth Oatmeal Stout which is then conditioned on freshly roasted Coffee beans from Buxton Roastery in Derbyshire. Who said beer can't be for breakfast?

Milk St Brewery:

  • 2 x Mordello Bordello - 5.2% (Porter, 330ml Can) 

Dark as the night with cheeky flavours of cherry!

  • 2 x Tarantula Juice - 5.0% (IPA, 330ml Can) 

 A Pekko IPA with juicy tropical citrus flavours.

  • 2 x Zig Zag - 4.5% (Stout, 330ml Can)

A warm velvety Stout with a deep rich roasted malt flavour a perfect autumn pint. Combines well with Stews, Seafood and Pasta or on the sweeter side Cheesecake, Ice Cream or Chocolate.


Williams Bros Brewing Co.:

  • 2 x Joker IPA - 5.0% (IPA, 330ml Can)

Created from a complex layer of malts and blended hops, this well balanced IPA delivers satisfaction every time. Golden in the glass, fruity on the nose with hints of cedar. Joker IPA is Bitter/Sweet, full of flavour and is sure to put a smile on your face.

* We reserve the right to amend the contents of the selection subject to availability. However in this selection we will aim to maintain 12 different beers from six different breweries.