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Dark Beer Selection - 12 Beers Delivered (Stouts and Porters)

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Twelve Dark Beers just waiting to be delivered to you, the ideal beer gift, with free delivery, these beers delivered to the door, whether that be yours or a 

Scintillating stouts and porters mainly feature here and we've just refreshed the selection. Not just for winter, these beers rich in taste and texture are sure to go down a treat. Whether that treat is for yourself or a gift for others, you decide.

The Selection Consists Of The following twelve beers from a range of breweries including Tatton (Cheshire), Dynamite Valley (Cornwall), Yorkshire Heart (Yorkshire), Titanic Brewery (Staffordshire), Serious Brewing (Rochdale)

Tatton Brewery (Cheshire)

2 x Tatton Black 4.5% (500ml bottle)

A classic, smooth English porter – rich dark ruby coloured ale with undertones of coffee and molasses, a hint of aromatic vanilla.

Magic Dragon Brewery (Wales)

2 x Obsidian 4.2% (500ml bottle)

Welsh Stout. Made using the finest ingredients to create this classic dark ale.

Serious Brewing (Rochdale) 

2 x Moonlight Stout 4.5% (500ml bottle)

Silky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish.

Yorkshire Heart Brewery (Yorkshire)

 2 x Blackheart Stout 4.8% (500ml bottle)

Strong dark stout with roasted coffee and molasses flavours.

2 x Ghost Porter 5.4% (500ml bottle)

Rich, smooth porter with chocolate notes.

Dynamite Valley (Cornwall)

 2 x BLACK CHARGE 5.0% (500ml bottle)

This stout has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, with a sweet finish and a well-balanced malty body.