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Penguin craft beer selection

Penguins and friends (10x500ml bottles, 4x330ml cans)

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A specially selected selection containing Penguin named beer and several others. This is a selection requested and tailored to an early customer who wanted something with penguins but also a mixture. This contains 10 bottles and 4 cans.


Brew York:

  • Brew York - 5.1% (Pale Ale, 330ml Can)

So good we named it twice-and hopped it thrice! Brew York’s signature beer has everything it takes to be a great ale. An enticing aroma to tantalise and tempt the taste buds, with a beautifully tropical flavour that keeps you craving more.

Donkeystone Brewing Co:

  • Javanilla Stout - 5.0% (Stout, 330ml Bottle)

Their coffee and vanilla stout uses 6 different malts including a huge amount of oats to give it a wonderfully rich body. The stout is then matured in cask with Java espresso coffee beans and natural vanilla pods to create a superbly rounded and complex flavour.


  • Session IPA - 3.8% (IPA, 500ml Bottle)

The little brother to Myrce. Little beer, big hops. An all day everyday IPA. Hopped with El Dorado, Centennial & Mosaic

  • Porter - 5.1% (Porter, 500ml Bottle)

A Traditional London Porter using plenty of Chocolate malt & Oats to give a smooth mouth feel. Hopped with First Gold & Sorachi Ace.

 Milk St Brewery:

  • Mordello Bordello - 5.2% (Porter, 330ml Can) 

Dark as the night with cheeky flavours of cherry!

  • Tarantula Juice - 5.0% (IPA, 330ml Can) 

 A Pekko IPA with juicy tropical citrus flavours.


 Williams Bros. Brewing Co:

  • Joker IPA - 5.0% (IPA, 330ml Can)

Created from a complex layer of malts and blended hops, this well balanced IPA delivers satisfaction every time. Golden in the glass, fruity on the nose with hints of cedar. Joker IPA is Bitter/Sweet, full of flavour and is sure to put a smile on your face.

  • 3 x March of the Penguins - 4.9% (Stout, 500ml Bottle)

This creamy dark stout, deep chocolate in colour has a nose of roast malts, coffee, liquorice & orange peel. The aromas carry on into the flavour with a smooth mouthfeel, rich malty start, fresh hoppy middle & a delicious lingering sweet orange after taste. Sure to get you marching again on those cold winter evenings.

  • 2 x Midnight Sun - 5.6% (Porter, 500ml Bottle)

An instant classic: Our spiced porter, pours as black as the Midnight Sun and is created from a blend of malted barley, oats, roast barley, chocolate malt then balanced with a generous helping of hops. An after bite of fresh root ginger elevates this ale to another level. The flavours are as paradoxical as the name.