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JP Brew Collection (Exceptional British Brewing)

JP Brew Collection (Exceptional British Brewing)

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JP Brew uses only British ingredients in their recipes - they carefully handpick the hops and malts in order to bring their lagers to life and showcase the best of what Britain has to offer.

JP British Standard - (330ml, Alc: 5%, Malt: Pale, Cara, Choco Hops: Target, Fuggles, East Kent)

Exceptionally satisfying premium lager brewed with barley and hops grown exclusively in Britain.

Setting the new standard. JP British Standard

Brewers Notes:

"This is a premium lager with lot of 
flavour and depth coming from three classic British malts, with a quintesssentially British aroma."

JP Pure - (330 ml Alc: 4%, Malt: Lager, Wheat, Vienna, Munich; Hops: First Gold, Sovereign)

Brewed using the finest organic British ingredients to create a clean, crisp and well balanced lager. Dry hopped using classic British Sovereign hops for a wonderfully complex aroma.

Brewers Notes:

"You can really taste the quality and flavour of the organic ingredients in this clean, crisp sessionable lager with a truly British character."