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Dynamite Valley Brewery Selection (Cornwall)

Dynamite Valley Brewery Selection (Cornwall)

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Dynamite Valley Brewery is based in Cornwall and as well as a exploding onto the scene with some great beer with a range of styles, their packaging is also creative and unique standing out in a competitive market. Appealing to the eye and intriguing as a treat for yourself or a gift for others. Even though they look great on the outside you'll be wanting to rip through the packaging and get the beer in your glass and tasted as quick as you can!

Dynamite Valley are proud to be producing delicious Real Ale crafted in Cornwall.

They have spent the last few years sharing our passion for beer locally, with our ales available on tap at Cornish pubs, as well as hosting our own Beer Café. So, as you can imagine, we were very excited to be able to make our beers available in bottles, for you to enjoy at home, or even share with friends! Now through Order.Beer you can order Dynamite Valley beers delivered to your door.

The selection features 12 bottles of the popular ales:

2 x GOLD RUSH 4% – Crisp Golden Ale – 500ml
Our flagship ale, this classic and refreshing beer is very sessionable and has a smooth finish.

2 x PIONEER 4.2% – Orange Wheat Beer – 500ml
A true summer beer, enjoy whilst crossing great expansive plains and mountain ranges… or a family barbeque. You’ll discover a refreshing and crisp beer, a classic wheat haze and definitely oranges (bottle conditioned).

2 x KENNAL VALE PALE 4.3% – Hoppy Pale Ale – 500ml
Fresh and easy drinking, with lemon and peach flavours.

2 x TNT IPA 4.8% – American Style IPA – 500ml
Hop and pine notes on the nose, with a light amber hue and a peach and grapefruit taste.

2 x BLACK CHARGE 5.0% – Oatmeal Stout – 500ml
This stout has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, with a sweet finish and a well-balanced malty body.

2 x BRIAN 5.0% – Special Bitter – 500ml
Well rounded, amber coloured ale, caramel and floral flavours with a sweet finish.


Here's a more detailed description of the beers:

Gold Rush (Crisp Golden Ale – 4%)

This is a refreshing, classic, crisp and complex beer, which will hopefully have you searching for more.

Appearance – Golden
Smell – Stoned Fruits, hints of Lemongrass
Taste – Apricot, Saffron and honey, with a lingering bitterness

Pioneer (Orange Wheat Beer – 4.2%)

A true summer beer, enjoy whilst crossing great expansive plains and mountain ranges… or a family barbeque. You’ll discover a refreshing and crisp beer, a classic wheat haze and definitely oranges.

Appearance – Hazy, pale yellow
Smell – Oranges and Mandarins
Taste – Oranges, with a bitter twist

Kennall Vale Pale (Hoppy Pale Ale – 4.3%)

Named after Ponsanooth’s number one tourist attraction (narrowly pipping our beer cafe), Kennell Vale, where many moons ago materials were extracted to make explosives for the mining industry. The idyllic valley inspired this easy-going, hoppy ale with some delicate, subtle spice flavours.

Appearance – Pale
Smell – Hoppy, mild sweetness and spice
Taste – Easy drinking, fresh, hoppy

TNT IPA (American Hopped IPA – 4.8%)

Here at DVBC we love the way the Americans do beer, so this is a real tribute to the good ol’ US of A, with big flavours coming from a trio of their finest hops.

Appearance – Light Amber
Smell – Citrus fruits with a hit of Apple blossom
Taste – Peaches and Grapefruit

Black Charge (Sweet Oatmeal Stout – 5%)

Smooth, sweet and with a hint of coffee, this will blow up your taste buds.

Appearance – Jet black with a light creamy head
Smell – Toffee and Coffee
Taste – Initial coffee notes give way to a creamy sweetness

Brian (Special Bitter – 5.0%)

As a small, independent brewery, we’ve relied on support and encouragement from day one and Brian Cumby was there from the start, truly believing that what we were doing was worthwhile. Sadly, Brian passed away in 2015, so we brewed a beer in his honour. This bold, rich and classic tasting ale is perfect after a long days hard work. Cheers Brian!

Appearance – Deep red
Smell – Roasted sweet nut aroma
Taste – Christmas fruits, caramel and a bitter finish


* Selection and quantities may vary subject to availability.