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Donkeystone Selection - 12 bottles

Donkeystone Selection - 12 bottles

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In this selection, you get twelve of Donkeystone's delicious beers straight from the heart of Saddleworth.

The current selection includes:


Donkeystone Brewing Co:

  • 6 x DAPA Donkey - 6.9% (Pale Ale, 330ml Bottle)

This craft ale, hopped at numerous stages will not disappoint with its exceptional body and malt backbone thanks to the addition of Caramalt during the mashing process.

  • 6 x Javanilla Stout - 5.0% (Stout, 330ml Bottle)

Their coffee and vanilla stout uses 6 different malts including a huge amount of oats to give it a wonderfully rich body. The stout is then matured in cask with Java espresso coffee beans and natural vanilla pods to create a superbly rounded and complex flavour.