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Copy of Order.Beer Selection - 12 Beers
Copy of Order.Beer Selection - 12 Beers

Copy of Order.Beer Selection - 12 Beers

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Twelve beers carefully selected for you and delivered to your door.

The current selection includes:


Front Row Brewery:

  • Lohag, Hoppy Pale Ale, 3.8%

A blend of four hops, easy drinking.

  • 99, 4.4% - Punchy Pale Ale 

A pale ale that packs a punch Willie John himself would have been proud of. 

Serious Brewing:

  • Goldrush (5.6%)

A Belgian style golden pale ale brewed with Abbaye yeast and subtly flavoured with English hops.

  • Wyldehouse (4.8%)
a hoppy, pale ale brewed with American hops and fermented with a saison yeast for an extra dry finish.

Freedom Brewery: 

  • Freedom Amber - 4.7% (Lager, 330ml Bottle)

This darker rye lager displays both distinctive malt and hop characteristics.

Cara and crystal malt feature whilst a healthy dose of rye adds fullness and a hint of spice to the body of the beer.

American hops provide a refreshing bitterness to balance the malt and an aroma that complements the rounded sensation the lager delivers.

Four weeks maturation blends the component elements to deliver smooth drinking satisfaction.

  • Freedom Pale Ale - 4.2% (Pale Ale, 330ml Bottle)

A dry pale ale that derives its colour and body from cara malt and notably an inclusion of rye.

This dryness is complemented by an assertive bitterness originating from an addition of English Admiral hops.

Hop aroma, distinctive but not overpowering, draws bold inspiration from New Zealand and is augmented by a subtle addition of American hops.

Ghost Brewery: 

  • 2 x Vamp - 5% (Fruit Ale, 330ml can)

Sink your teeth into this alluring amber ale. Overflowing with tropical fruit flavours and blended with Blood Orange for a deliciously sweet citrus bite.

Bollington Brewery: 

  • Bollington Best - 4.2% (Golden Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A delightfully hoppy bitter. Clean & Crisp with a light golden colour and refreshing bitter after taste. Champion Beer of Cheshire 2009

Bronze in Best Bitter category Champion Beer of Britain 2011

  • White Nancy - 3.6% (Pale Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A pale coloured Best Bitter with lots of body and good fruity taste but not overly sweet.

Silver overall and Gold in Best Bitter at Sheffield Steel City Beer Festival

Allergens: All our beer contain Barley, Wheat and Oats.


JP Brewery:

  • JP British Standard - (330ml, Alc: 5%, Malt: Pale, Cara, Choco Hops: Target, Fuggles, East Kent)

Exceptionally satisfying premium lager brewed with barley and hops grown exclusively in Britain.

Setting the new standard. JP British Standard

Brewers Notes:

"This is a premium lager with lot of 
flavour and depth coming from three classic British malts, with a quintesssentially British aroma."

  • JP Pure - (330 ml Alc: 4%, Malt: Lager, Wheat, Vienna, Munich; Hops: First Gold, Sovereign)

Brewed using the finest organic British ingredients to create a clean, crisp and well balanced lager. Dry hopped using classic British Sovereign hops for a wonderfully complex aroma.

Brewers Notes:

"You can really taste the quality and flavour of the organic ingredients in this clean, crisp sessionable lager with a truly British character."

* We reserve the right to amend the contents of the selection subject to availability. However in this selection we will aim to maintain 12 beers from a mixture of breweries.