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British Lager

British Lager

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British craft lager is really emerging as an alternative to it's international counterparts. The standard of the beer over recent years is really on the increase and many who have tried haven't turned back.

Lager is a great drink, ideally served chilled and provides that refreshing, crisp taste that is ideal to be drank on it's on or with food. 

Some people like specific beer but many now are happy to drink many different styles and lager definitely has it's place and perhaps now British Craft Lager can have it's place near the top of the pile, why don't you give it a try? Order Craft Lager online and it's delivered to any door across the UK.

This Bristish Lager Case includes 12 x Yorkshire Heart Liberty Lager with zesty flavours:

  • Volume – 500ml
  • Alcohol content – 5.0%

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