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The Bollington Brewing Co. - Brewing Passion

Bollington Brewery Selection (12x500ml bottles) - Bollington, Cheshire

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In this selection, you get twelve of Bollington Brewery's famous beer including a previous Champion of Cheshire winner in Bollington Best.

The Selection Consists Of:

  • 3 x Bollington Best - 4.2% (Golden Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A delightfully hoppy bitter. Clean & Crisp with a light golden colour and refreshing bitter after taste. Champion Beer of Cheshire 2009

Bronze in Best Bitter category Champion Beer of Britain 2011

  • 2 x Long Hop - 3.9% (Pale Ale, 500ml Bottle)

Pale lager style bitter with fruity refreshing hops, former summer special brewed for cricket lovers now a permanent beer.

  • 2 x Eastern Nights - 5.6% (IPA, 500ml Bottle)

Our latest IPA this is hugely rich in body and flavour with great sweetness but a typical well defined bitterness.

  • 2 x White Nancy - 3.6% (Pale Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A pale coloured Best Bitter with lots of body and good fruity taste but not overly sweet.

Silver overall and Gold in Best Bitter at Sheffield Steel City Beer Festival

  • 3 x Oat Mill Stout - 5.0% (Stout, 500ml Bottle)

An Oatmeal Stout with a twist. Hoppiness with a hint of bitterness keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark stout.

Silver in Champion Beer of Cheshire award 2009