Serious Brewing (Rochdale)

Founded in 2015, the Serious Brewing Company was founded by a husband and wife team, Ken and Jenny Lynch. We've met Jenny and Ken in person and are delighted to be working with them having heard their story and knowing they enjoy what they do as well as making some great beer in their 6 barrel brewery based in Rochdale.

Ken also has an IT background which is very much like myself and surprisingly like a lot of other breweries we've met. (I'll save that for an eventual blog!) 

Their own ethos is set as follows:

"Consistency and quality are at the heart of everything that Serious Brewing Company is about from the brewing equipment to the choice of ingredients."

Without doubt Jenny and Ken love what they do and their beer is supplied to some of the restaurants across the north west so the quality matches the passion. Like us they are also family orientated and we're delighted to be working together.

When we had a chat about their ambitions, one statement from Ken I loved when we discussing export potential was the ultimate dream would be supply some of their Belgian inspired beer to the Belgians themselves! 

At the moment we can supply their beer to you within the UK but we'll see what we can do! We've both had links with the growth hub / growth company and ourselves are continually looking at opportunities for our breweries with our ongoing work with the Department of International Trade.

In the meantime, if you are serious about your beer and want some seriously great beer then look no further, here's their current selection available to order now.