Beartown Brewery

Beartown Brewery is based in Congleton on the edge of Cheshire, closely bordering Staffordshire and has been producing great beer since 1994. An award-winning brewery that blends traditional craft with a modern style. 

Beartown Brewery

With their own pubs in addition to the brewery if you are local you can enjoy your favourite tipple within a Beartown establishment and if you are visiting, then pop in.

Now no matter where you are in the UK you can enjoy their beer in the comfort of your own home.

Here's a quote from the brewery themselves:

'Beartown brewery was founded in 1994 and we've pushing three decades of perfection! This kind of legacy is simply something that cannot be replicated by our competitors. We're proud to focus on a range of traditional and craft styles, always focusing on blending the old with the new and striving for quality. That's why we here in Beartown may not be perfect, but we're capable of perfection. We're a young dynamic team that are hungry to innovate and excel in the brewing field.'

From Kahuna to a Bearskinful there is a range of beers that will go down a treat in your pint glass and you can order them here, delivered to your door.