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Free delivery on all orders. Orders placed by 2pm dispatched same day. Thank you for supporting our award winning independent business.
Free delivery on all orders. Orders placed by 2pm dispatched same day. Thank you for supporting our award winning independent business.

Elderflower Bakewell Gin Liqueur (Cheshire Gin Company)

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Elderflower Bakewell Gin Liqueur is a unique Gin Liqueur from the Cheshire Gin Company.

This Gin Liqueur is 20% by volume rather than 40% and ideal as a mixer or a lighter option for a cocktail. Handmade in small batches using organic and foraged botanicals gathered by the Cheshire Gin team. Infused with Elderflowers and produced using Buxton Water the result is a delicious and refreshing long drink cocktail. Try adding Elderflower Bakewell Gin Liqueur to Prosecco or Champagne to create a delectable Cocktail fizz. 

Price shown excludes VAT/Tax at 20%

This product does not contain nuts.

Alcohol Volume is 20%

Bottle size is 500ml (50cl)


* Please note the glass and contents of the glass aren't included and are for illustration purposes only. Just what the gin's been infused with inside the bottle which of course will be full! You can then create your own refreshing drink mixed to your liking. Enjoy.   

An ode to the Bakewell Tart and a little bit about Bakewell!

If you've never been to Bakewell before, then that is also well worth a visit. Not only for the amazingly scrumcious Bakewell Tart but home to some wonderful markets, walks, trips to nearby Matlock Baths and just a short drive from Buxton and places such as Chatsworth House. 

Writing about Bakewell Tarts has certainly made me hungry but it has also given me chance to look up some interesting facts and maybe some rumours about it's origins and who has the original recipe. 

What's the difference between Bakewell Pudding and Bakewell Tart? 

Whilst Bakewell is also known for Bakewell pudding, a jam pastry with a filling enriched with egg and ground almond. Bakewell tart is a different confection, made with shortcrust pastry, an almond topping and a sponge and jam filling. Mr Kipling also made "Cherry Bakewells", often also known as Bakewell tarts. The origins of these are not clear, but the popular story goes that the combination began by accident in 1820, when the landlady of the White Horse Inn (now the Rutland Arms Hotel) left instructions for her cook to make a jam tart with an egg and almond-paste pastry base. The cook, however, spread the eggs and almond paste on top of the jam instead of mixing them into the pastry. When cooked the jam rose through the paste. The result was successful enough for it to be a popular confection at the inn. Commercial variations, usually with icing sugar on top, have spread the name.

So who has the original recipe?

Three shops in Bakewell offer what they each claim as the original recipe. The Bakewell Tart Shop and Coffee House sells four variations of the confection: "Bakewell Tart", "Iced Bakewell Tart", "Moist Bakewell Tart" and "Traditional Bakewell Pudding". The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop and Bloomers of Bakewell both sell a "Bakewell Pudding" as well.

We've referenced wikipedia and some thoughts of our own to add to these tales but maybe it's best for you to explore the market town yourself one day, as a bonus you can test all three shops and make your own decision! 

Fun facts about Elderflower

In the northern hemisphere, elderflowers are in season from the end of May to the beginning of June or later and grow in most of Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia. They grow in a variety of conditions including both wet and dry fertile soils, though they primarily prefer sunny locations. The elder's hermaphrodite flowers are borne in large corymbs, 10–25 cm in diameter, where the individual flowers are white with five petals, 5–6 mm in diameter, and pollinated by flies. The cream coloured flowerheads are honey scented blossoms that are crisp and somewhat juicy, with a highly aromatic smell and flavour. The leaves on the other hand are bitter-smelling.

Believe me, the drinks are much more exciting than our research but thanks for reading anyway!

More about the producer

Before we go off track too much it's worth a little recap about The Cheshire Gin Company and the details behind this wonderful local independent producer.

The Cheshire Gin Company are artisan small batch producers of the very finest British Dry Gin and Gin Liqueurs. Their handpicked botanicals are carefully blended and distilled using Cheshire's Peckforton or Staffordshire's Buxton Waters. The unique flavour combinations have created a delectable range of Gin's and matching Liqueurs that can be enjoyed on their own, over ice with tonic or as an essential element of a fizzy cocktail.


Elderflower clearly is a jewel of the garden and it's popularity is endless but it's even better in your glass... enjoy. :)