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Free delivery on all orders. Order by 2pm, dispatched same day.

Order.Beer - 12 Selected Mixed Beers

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Twelve beers carefully selected for you and delivered to any UK door.

Thank you so much for your support for both our independent business and the producers we are working with.

In this selection we've brought together a range of beers from independent breweries across the UK.

The current selection includes a mixed selection of twelve great beers which are:

Dynamite Valley Brewery (Cornwall)

Gold Rush 4% (500ml bottle)
Crisp Golden Ale - classic and refreshing beer is very sessionable and has a smooth finish.

Black Charge 5% (500ml bottle)
Oatmeal Stout - smooth, creamy mouthfeel, with a sweet finish and a well-balanced malty body.

TNT IPA 4.8% (500ml bottle)
American Style IPA - Hop and pine notes on the nose, with a light amber hue and a peach and grapefruit taste.

Serious Brewing (Rochdale)

Gold Rush 5.6% (500ml bottle)
Belgian style golden pale ale brewed with Abbaye yeast and subtly flavoured with English hops.

Redsmith 4.5% (500ml bottle)
IPA - Copper-coloured balanced IPA with Centennial and Cascade hops.

Moonlight Stout 4.5% (500ml bottle)
Silky smooth stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish.

Magic Dragon Brewery (Wales)

Obsidian 4.2% (500ml bottle)
Welsh Stout. Made using the finest ingredients to create this classic dark ale.

Tatton Brewery (Cheshire)

Session IPA 3.7% (500ml bottle)
Easy-drinking session ale with a rich copper colour. Full-bodied for its gravity, balanced by a pronounced hop bite, nutty character with fruity aroma.

Best 4.2% (500ml bottle)
Bitter - Classic light amber coloured best bitter with a clean malt flavour and fine hop character derived from a blend of aroma hops.

Yorkshire Heart Brewery (Yorkshire)

Silver Heart IPA 4% (500ml bottle)
Best selling IPA with spice, lemon and citrus flavours.

Snowstorm 3.7% (500ml bottle)
Pale ale, refreshing and crisp

Blackheart Stout 4.8% (500ml bottle)
Strong dark stout with roasted coffee and molasses flavours