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The Parker Brewery

Parker Brewery Selection (12x500ml bottles) - Southport, Merseyside

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Parker Brewery is a fascinating brewery in Southport and their current collection includes four fantastic beers. All 500ml bottles.
We originally met Rick, the owner of Parker Brewery back in 2017 and we've kept in touch ever since and are delighted to hear how their new pub is coming along. They've already got an existing tap house within the brewery itself where they run tours and hold special events so if you're ever visiting the area be sure to give them a shout. Of course that might not always be possible but you don't need to miss out on their beer, order Parker Brewery beer online now and it will be delivered to your door, maybe drink with your friends whilst you book a trip to Southport.
I've updated their selection details to include their own suggested food pairings too. If these don't get your taste buds going then you might need to test out some of the suggestions, from cheddar to chocolate and even chocolate bread pudding. If the new pub is serving food there are going to be some great requests:


The current selection includes:

  • 3 x Centurion Pale Ale - 3.9% (Pale Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A light refreshing ale with zingy zesty fruit flavours. A crisp and dry ale with a hoppy finish.

Food Pairings:
A fantastic beer to go with food. The crisp dryness cuts through most sauce flavours. Try it with Thai Curry, Fish and Chips or even lemon custard tart!

  • 3 x Barbarian Bitter - 4.1% (Golden Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A traditional English ale, golden amber in colour with notes of caramel. Smooth and well balanced, an easy drinking ale.

Food Pairings:
This bitter is ideal with roast dinner dishes; chicken and pork, grilled lamb. Why not try it with chocolate bread pudding!

  • 3 x Saxon Red Ale - 4.5% (Red Ale, 500ml Bottle)

A moreish, smooth malty ale packed full of warm fruit flavours, with a subtle hint of spice on the finish.

Food Pairings:
This dark red ale is designed to be drunk on its own, but also goes great with food. Try it with confit of duck, roast beef or even a good strong cheddar.

  • 3 x Dark Spartan Stout - 5.0% (Stout, 500ml Bottle)

Hints of chocolate and coffee and is silky smooth. Think bonfire night and treacle toffee.

Food Pairings:
As this stout is full of flavour match it accordingly with food, try it with smoked goose, bbq beef or even dark chocolate truffles.


I tell you what, reading this, I'm parched. Great beer and food together, what a plan, we've sorted the beer side and it will be on it's way once ordered, giving you time to review the menu, collect the ingredients, muster up a master piece or most likely ask where are those takeaway menus!

Whatever you do, enjoy yourselves. Cheers.