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Valentines - For the love of beer, gift ideas please!

As valentines day approaches the decisions as what to get your loved ones come to the forefront. The forefront of your mind, not the garage forefront or forecourt!

Valentines - for the love of beer. Gift ideas








Maybe you make a last minute dash for flowers, chocolates, wine or beer.

Well if you are reasonably organised we can help. With a range of selections we cater for many tastes, providing they like beer! We have the wonderful gift tubes and also our collections from breweries to the mixed selections too.

We have our famous triangular gift tubes which once the beer has been drunk can be recycled for a number of uses, don't worry we'll blog about it or put something on Twitter to brighten the day!


I don't know what to buy, but I know they like beer, twelve different bottles in a mixed selection, just order beer.

Fantastic Cantastic Selection - 24 cans of fantastic beer, canned to perfection.