Ways to ease you into the Spirit of Christmas

Ways to ease you into the Spirit of Christmas


Christmas spirit is how the individual acts who loves Christmas and expresses this by being kind to others. Many ingredients go into making the Spirit of Christmas such as giving, hope, love, understanding and general goodwill to humankind. These emotions of Christmas stand alongside the things we do that during this festive time like the giving of presents, excited children, decorating the home, gatherings and of course the food and drink consumed along the way.

Do you feel in the Christmas Spirit?

In the busy lives we lead today sometimes it is hard to get into the Christmas Spirit by the sheer fact that we are running around trying to create it or work towards paying for it. Rest and relaxation with friends and loved ones is key but obviously this Christmas in the throes of COVID-19 lockdowns the experience is going to be very different from the norm.

So we thought we’d help and mark down a couple of ideas to help you enter into the Christmas Spirit and let in the sights, sounds and tastes of Christmas:

  1. Turn up the volume of the Christmas tunes – whether your Buble or Jive Bunny, Nat King Cole or Cliff Richard there will be a song that gives you that Christmas vibe.
  2. Watch a Christmas Movie – whether it be an whole day of binge watching or just an afternoon or evening watch – hunt out the Christmas classics to get you in the mood
  3. Visit Christmas Lights – whether this be an organised event or a drive round the neighborhood, let the sparkle and wonder enter your mind.
  4. Large mugs of Hot Chocolate or Mulled Wine – sat by the fire, out on a walk or snuggled up on the couch
  5. Deck the Halls – come on decorate the house, put up the tree and fill the atmosphere with Christmas spice and sparkle
  6. Drinks to get your festive spirit warmed up 


Our top five Spirits of Christmas at Order.Beer


Spirit of Pogo Gin


How do you make great beer into great gin? Well, give this a try, it's exciting, different and tasty too. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you "Spirit of Pogo"

Distilled Pogo pale ale from Wild Beer Company, brewed with orange zest, passion fruit and guava, at the Somerset Cider Brandy Company using their 70 year old copper stills from France.


Queen Cleo Spice Rum


Queen Cleo Spiced Rum begins its journey as a smooth, dark rum, run in from the Caribbean. It is then fearlessly spiced in the UK using a bold mix of 10 botanicals; A luscious blend of caramel, pecan, vanilla, hidden spices and refreshing lime. A rum created for the insatiable thirst of any badass liquor lover.

You can now order this Rum online, delivered to your door. Maybe even treat a friend!


Priory Vodka Gift Set


Set of 4 x 50 ml (40%) flavoured vodkas : Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Toffee and plain vodka

Available in 4 flavours, Priory Vodka comes from the independent Yorkshire distillery and can be delivered direct to your door.

Priory Vodka is a potato vodka, which is nurtured from seed to bottle by David Rawlings on the Priory Farm nestled between Tadcaster and Wetherby in beautiful North Yorkshire.


Port Gift Set


Ideal for supping by the winter fire and a popular festive tipple, port has been a drink that has accompanied a warming and entertaining feeling for many years and an ideal compliment to any meal.

This is a selected gift triple pack of half bottles from the Niepoortland Port collection. 


Niepoort Ruby Dum - Rich and fruity ruby port, packed with red cherries and plums

Niepoort Dry White - Perfect mixed with Soda or tonic and pairs well with nutty cheeses 

Niepoort Tawny Dee - Authentic tawny with good fruit and nutty flavours.


Staffordshire Gin


Small batch craft gin, crafted with love and care in Staffordshire in the heart of England. 

Black Violet (40% ABV, 70cl)

A smoked pepper combination with a hint of violet. This award-winning gin is complex and has underlying botanicals of cubeb, sloe and cassia. A contemporary gin which is incredibly versatile and can be served in a variety of ways.
Garnish with berries.

Black Violet is defined by black cardamom and sweet violet. The intricate layers of complementary botanicals enhance the complexity of this sultry gin.

Rose Gold (40% ABV, 70cl)

An orange flavoured body to this drink with low hints of cassia and hibiscus. It has top notes of rose and saffron. A floral and pleasantly spiced expression. Serve with rose lemonade, pink grapefruit tonic or traditionally. Garnish with an orange wheel.

We hope you enjoy the Spirit of Christmas this year in whatever format flows for you.

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