How beer brings people together

How beer brings people together

 Beer has a rich history of bringing communities together and uniting like-minded souls who may have never encountered one another without it. Beer can be given as a gift to break the ice with people we don’t yet know too well and can act as an excellent talking point with work colleagues, family members, future friends and more. Public houses have always acted as places for friends to encounter each other for the first time, with many long-lost friends reuniting over a beer or several after many years. Bars have always formed a backdrop for workmates to relax after long hard days, with some of the most important and engaging conversations people will ever have taking place during lengthy drinking sessions.

 Celebrate diversity with beer

 A recent campaign by Heineken was based on people with differing opinions coming together to share their opinions and celebrate diversity. The campaign was called ‘Open Your World’ and was created with The Human Library. The Huffington Post was also involved in the campaign, creating an online content channel named ‘Conversations’. Similar campaigns have also been unveiled by Foster’s and Carlsberg recently. Heineken’s campaign was focused on helping people celebrate their differences at a time of deep political division.

 Break the ice in style

 Millions upon millions of people have beer in common, even when they share little else. Beer offers a valuable release from the stresses of daily life, and many studies have shown the value of enjoying it in moderation. Researchers in Switzerland found that beer can make you happier, friendlier and less inhibited, with Basel University Hospital head of psychopharmacology research Matthias Liechti saying just one glass of beer enables us to “see happy faces faster” and enhance “concern for positive emotional situations”. Researchers looked at the behaviour of 60 people, half of whom drank sufficient alcohol to lift the level of alcohol in their blood to approximately 0.4g per litre, with the others consuming a non-alcoholic beverage before switching roles. The study, carried out in 2016, found that people were more enthusiastic about socialising after they had drunk the alcohol.

 Stock up on exciting British beers

 Of course, you don’t even need to head out to a bar, pub or club to socialise over a beer, with growing numbers of people already planning drink-fuelled get-together over a barbecue at home in the summer months. At Order.Beer, we can provide you with access to all manner of interesting and distinctive beers from a range of up-and-coming microbreweries and other suppliers. There is an ever-growing community around modern craft beers, with beer being the third-biggest food and drink export in the UK after Scotch whisky and chocolate. We can deliver some of the most talked-about British beers straight to your door, and it only takes a few moments to order online. We are also working with various new breweries to create exposure for their impressive products, so get in touch today if your brewery does need a helping hand with promoting its beverages.

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