Have you tried our Ciders?

Have you tried our Ciders?

With warmer weather and heatwaves, BBQ's and family gatherings in the sun are the perfect opportunities to catch up with each other with the best refreshing beverages; our fantastic choice of cider. 

We have two leading suppliers of cider: Darley Abbey Cider and Hurst Cider. 

Darley Abbey Cider

Darley Abbey Cider doesn't own a single apple tree. Instead, all the apples used to make their cider are donated to them from gardens, allotments, and orchards across Derbyshire. Is that cool or what? 

Of course, the places that donate apples to Darley Abbey are given cider in return. 

With all their donations, they have 40 varieties of apples, helping them create their unique flavours. 

There are three types of cider for you to choose from; Dry Cider, Fruit Cider and Sweet Cider, or you can have a mixed case of all three. 

Take a look here for your next refreshing beverage from Darley Abbey Cider. 

Hurst Cider 

Hurst Cider are small craft cidermakers, starting from their home-based cider shed in 2011. Their apples are locally sourced Staffordshire apples and traditional dabbinett bittersweet cider apples. The freshly pressed apple juice is then blended and left to ferment naturally with its wild yeasts. 

The flavour of the cider may change from batch to batch due to the unsulphited wild yeasts, as they are just as unpredictable as mother nature. 

Golden Pip and Jibber Jabber are two popular ciders from Hurst Cider. Golden Pip is traditionally made using fresh-pressed apple juice used to create a refreshing craft cider. Jibber Jabber is a delicious hand-crafted cider that is full of character and flavour. 

Hurst Cider also do a pear cider; Puckered Pear - great taste, refreshing and goes down a treat! 

You can view all Hurst Cider here.

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