Gifting is an important part of life both to yourself and to others

Gifting is an important part of life both to yourself and to others


Gifting takes place through the daily routines of life it spans cultures and is a fundamental part of human behaviours.  We give presents for many reasons but most linked to special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and births to name but a few.


Gifting is one of the oldest traditions and dates back to the origins of the human race before civilisation started. Cavemen would give gifts to show affection and tribe leaders would praise someone for their contribution by the giving of a gift of appreciation.


The way we take part in the act of gift giving has really only just began in the 19th Century when manufacturing and technological development of the world wide web gave us access to a wider range of affordable gifts – many of which we don’t need to leave the comfort of our homes to send either, the wonders of online shopping giving you access to Order.Beer and we’d like to share with you our top five gift options this festive period


Our Top Five Gift Options this Christmas




      2. BEER / WINE TUBES

     3 CANTASTIC – 24 Can Bundle

      4. E-GIFTCARDS




Emotional Benefits of Gifting for You


There is no mistaking we feel good and have emotional benefits when we give someone a gift.  Gift giving is also the best way to build relationships and is another reason why we carry out this act. Whether this be to a loved one or a colleague the act of giving strengthens the bond. For a loved one it’s an expression of our love and affection and for a colleague it helps bring people closer, adds to team bonding appreciation of their efforts in the workplace.


Five reasons why you should be gifting


  1. Express love and affection
  2. To let people know you care
  3. Show appreciation
  4. To reward a job well done
  5. Make people feel special


Your next gifting steps this festive period


Treat a special someone to one of our hand-picked beer gift selections.  From egift-cards, our award winning triangular tubes, beer crackers, wine sets and much, much more. We have something for everyone with budgets from just ten pounds.  All from amazing independent producers available to order as a gift or why not just treat yourself.

Fill your online shopping basket at and tick another name of your gift list.

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