Beer for Beginners

Beer for Beginners

New to the beer scene? I hate to say it, but there are a lot of different kinds of beer. Asking a bartender for 'a beer' won't get you very far as there will be questions about what type of beer you're after. And then you'll find yourself panic ordering or choosing the first option that they give you to remove yourself from the uncomfortable situation. You're not alone. 

So, we're here to help you fearlessly conquer the next time you find yourself ordering your next beer beverage. 

Lagers & Ales 

There are two main types of beer: lager and ale. They're like the umbrella for everything else that comes under them. Ales are typically more flavourful, whereas lagers tend to be crisper. 


Pilsners are pale lagers noted for their crispness, brewed originally in Pilsen, Czech Republic, in the mid-1800s. 

Porters & Stouts

Porters and stouts are both dark ales. Stouts came along when brewers started to experiment with recipes for porters. The difference between them are Porters are made with malted barley, and stouts are brewed with unmalted, roasted barley. Porters are lighter with malty sweetness and just a touch of hop (bitterness). Stouts are more full-bodied with an underlying tinge of coffee.

Craft Beers

Much like 'local' or 'organic', 'craft' denotes a smaller production to your usual corporate giants like Miller, Budweiser and Heineken. We work with a growing range of independent breweries around the UK. All of which have their own specialities and flavours. But above all pride themselves on their quality craftsmanship to produce some of the best craft beers around.

If you're unsure what type of beer you might like, why not check out our 12 mixed beers selection? You're bound to find one that tickles your tastebuds, not to mention it would be a big hit at your next friend/family gathering.

12 Mixed Beer Selection

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