Beer and Football – One of life’s great partnerships

Beer and Football – One of life’s great partnerships

Beer and Football One of life's great partnerships

When you talk about life’s great partnerships the mind wanders perhaps to such greats as Morecambe and Wise, French and Saunders, Ant and Dec or maybe food matches such as Fish and Chips or Sausage and Mash to name but a few, the list of course is endless.

In relation to football and particularly the Euros, one might think of Shearer and Sheringham the duo of 96 that seem to be the topic of many conversations of the commentators. The fact is for the fans and spectators there is no greater partnership than that of beer and football and here are just a few reasons why they have forged in this way:

Creating the build-up and a sense of occasion for the main event

Set the scene, before any big game occasion and especially football the build up is as important to get you in the mood for the action that awaits.  When watching live football this would involve a trip to the pub before kick-off to meet with like-minded friends and down a pint of two in preparation or perhaps home alone or with a gathering of friends to keep you company but wherever you may be the ceremonial ritual of the first sip of your pint, flicking off the beer top or opening a can signifies the start of the main event.

Memory triggers and a channel of emotions

It is a fact that taste and aroma is one of the best-known things to conjure up memory triggers and it would be true to say for most that beer smells and tastes of good times.  The channel of emotions from clasping the glass, bottle or can during stressful or eventful parts of the game to celebrating a goal with a chink I the air and a good gulp of beer.

Effects of alcohol

One of the most apparent enhancements that beer can have on watching football is purely down to the alcohol.  Of course, a few bottles, cans or pints stretched out over a couple of hours is never going to have a great effect, but alcohol is known for heightening senses and give any adrenalin present that extra impetus to flow – so as the football match progresses the beer and football work in partnership with each other making tackles and attacks forward more exciting and the reverberation of the crowd was like a cry or shout out to drink more beer. At the same time it is also important to remind people to be drink aware and drink responsibly.

When beer and football are both good to watch they become the perfect partnership.

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