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Thank you for supporting our award winning independent business. Order by 2pm for targeted next day deliveries*
12 reasons to chill down those horror film nerves this Halloween

12 reasons to chill down those horror film nerves this Halloween

12 reasons to chill down those Horror film nerves this Halloween


We all know that a good horror film can put you right on the edge, after all that is their purpose to frighten you and heighten your senses.  So, what better way to chill the nerves than a beer or two from one of the Order.Beer selections.  We want you to be able to sit back, try and relax as we’ve teamed up our 12-beer selection with a quick review of the Order.Beer all-time top 12 horror films for you. We have, of course, researched this by using a number of different websites and information points. So, chose your tipple from the fridge (having emptied the box delivered to your door) and let’s get started.


Order.Beer – 12 Beer Selections



Order.Beer Horror Film and Beer Selections


Number One – The Shining – 1980

Famously remembered for the quote by Jack Nicholson “Heres’ Jonny” and the fact that you may never want to take the keys to hotel room 237.

Plot – The Shining follows a man and his family as he takes on the role of Winter caretaker at a resort hotel known as The Overlook. It turns out that the hotel doesn’t really like people.  It has made it to number one on the list as it feels evil for so many reasons. The way the film is delivered by Kubrick leaves it with you long after the credits have passed by.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Beartown Brewery – Peach Melbear (4.4%, 330ml bottle)

A juicy South Carolina style peach and elderflower pale beer


Number Two – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 1974

Tobe Hooper’s harrowing film title needs no explanation – it unfortunately does exactly what is says on the tin.

Plot – The film follows five young people who leave the safety of the world behind and journey into deep America, they of course need fuel along the way and what is presented to them in one house is death and depravity that lingers in the mind of individuals even decades on after the film released.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Beartown Brewery – Wojtek (5.5%, 330ml bottle)

Deep golden dry finish of citrus fruit and juniper berry


Number Three – The Thing – 1982

Don’t be misled that the title doesn’t really add anything to the film, leading you to think of something not too specific that someone would describe as a thing.

Plot – Based around life at an Antarctic research station and starring the talented Kurt Russell, the researchers take on ‘the thing’ alien type scaremonger that affects the blood. Not one for animal lovers as it starts with the dogs and doesn’t know when to stop.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Dynamite Brewery – Gold Rush, crisp golden ale (4%, 500ml bottle) A flagship ale for this Southern brewery – this classic and refreshing beer is very session-able and has a smooth finish.


Number Four – Hereditary – 2018

A modern-day film that delves into the what is just lurking beneath the surface on what seems like the perfect family life – always the basis for a great horror story.

Plot – Covering the story of a mother grieving the death of her own mother and the scenes that take place coming to terms with it. What isn’t hereditary!

Beer Selection Suggestion – Black Charge – Oatmeal Stout (4%, 500ml bottle) A smooth, creamy mouthfeel, with a sweet finish and a well-balanced body


Number Five – The Exorcist – 1973

Similar to The Shining in the number one spot this film never gives you a moment, on the edge of your seat unpredictability.

Plot – A young girl is left alone to play in a basement whilst her mother is working. Low and behold she comes across a Ouija board and guess what she gets taken over by an unwanted spirit to which the Exorcist has his work cut out.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Fallen Brewery – Local Motive (3.9% Session IPA 300ml can)

Traditional British session beer beer-turbo-charged with Mosaic dry hops.  Easy drinking yet full flavoured.


Number Six – Halloween - 1978

Any film that starts with a child killing his sibling wearing a clown mask is bound to get your attention and nerves on edge.  The Michael Myers mask and music are synonymous with all thing’s horror in our book.

Plot – Myers is sentenced to jail for the killing of his sister, but he escapes on a court date transfer and makes his way back to his hometown to plan revenge. Watch out all babysitters.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Fallen Brewery – New World Odyssey (4.1% Blonde Ale 330ml can) A refreshing, easy drinking beer with a fruity aroma and slightly spicy citrusy flavour.


Number Seven – Jaws – 1975

Jaws is the ultimate of creature feature film. Another where the soundtrack is a popular as the film itself and used by so many the world round. Steven Spielberg pulled out all the stops on this one.

Plot – A large great white stalks and attacks Amity Island whilst tormenting Chief Brody head of police and his efforts to keep everyone safe and out of the water on what is the biggest season of calendar year. Der-D, Der-D, DDDDDDD!

Beer Selection Suggestion – Freedom Brewery – Freedom Pale Ale (4.2% 330ml bottle)


Number Eight – Alien – 1979

Frankly, there is nowhere more isolated than a spaceship, millions of light years away. A playground for an alien invasion of the Ridley Scott kind.

Plot – The crew of the Nostromo set off to investigate a distress call from an abandoned alien spaceship led by Sigourney Weaver – what could possibly go wrong.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Freedom Brewery – Freedom Pils (4.4% Pilsner 330ml bottle) An up to date twist on classic pilsner styles


Number Nine – Scream – 1996

Wes Cravens Scream brought a whole new meaning the Munch’s painting.  A blend of both comedy and scares the film has a weird knack of reeling in the watcher and making them say ‘no, don’t go there’.

Plot – Teenagers talking through horror film situations whilst being stalked and attacked by a genre obsessed serial killer. Thrills and turns galore.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Twisted Wheel Brewery – Speed Wobble Session IPA (4.7% 440ml can) Named after the unnerving wobble scooter riders experience when they reach top speed.


Number 10 – 28 Days Later – 2002


A Danny Boyle Zombie masterpiece where your biggest fear becomes your living nightmare – waking up to an apocalypse.

Plot – Jim wakes up in a hospital bed and staggers out into an apocalyptical London that will truly never be the same again.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Twisted Wheel Brewery – Sunday Sessions Pale (3.8% 440ml can) Inspired by Northern Soul Sunday Session, this beer is unfiltered and unbelievably good


Number 11 – Get Out – 2017


A modern-day twist of a horror not only is it spine chillingly scary the producer wants to highlight deep rooted politics of America. For which you will all find out.

Plot - Chris gets more than he bargained for when he takes a trip to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Do they know he is black? What are the repercussions?

Beer Selection Suggestion – Yeastie Boys – Big Mouth (4.4% Pale Ale 330ml can) A light and easy drinker bursting with juicy sun-kissed South Pacific hops.


Number 12 – The Wicker Man – 1973


The ultimate rural horror film. Formulated on pagan beliefs and rituals, it’s a place to test truths and suss out how complex and devastatingly cruel the human race really is. Not to mention tricky when trying to investigate a missing person.

Plot - Edward Woodward lands on a Scottish island to investigate a missing child. He observes the resident’s frivolous sexual displays and strange pagan rituals. Will it help or hinder his investigations.

Beer Selection Suggestion – Yeastie Boys – White Noise wheat beer (4.4% 330ml can) A delicate session-strength beer with hints of orange blossom, coconut, vanilla and refreshingly dry finish.

Frightfully rude not to

Plenty of titles and beers to work your way through up to Halloween and beyond and with free delivery on all orders and some great discount codes it would be frightfully rude not too.



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