10 Fun Beer Facts

10 Fun Beer Facts

Fun facts about beer

Read on to find out some fun facts about the story of beer and the people who helped develop it.

  1. The UK brewer BrewDog manufactured a beer that had a world record 55% ABV.
  2.  In 2010, the oldest still drinkable beer in the world was found on a wrecked ship. The beer dated from the 19th century.
  3. It’s vital that high-quality water is used to create beer. The better the quality of the water, the better the beer will be. Simple tap water will not suffice.
  4. Beer is the third most-consumed drink in the world after water and tea. Beer was drunk more than water in Medieval Britain because the alcohol meant it was safer.
  5. London’s Great Beer Flood of 1814 saw aroud 388,000 gallons of beer poured onto the streets near Tottenham Court Road. This occurred due to brewery vats rupturing. Although eight people were known to have drowned, the judge declared the incident an Act of God.
  6. The country that consumes the most beer is the Czech Republic, with 143 litres per head on average. To put this into context, the UK only drink 67 litres per head.
  7. The largest beer mat in the world was unveiled by Carlsberg in 2002, measuring 15 metres in diameter.
  8. It’s thought the Sumerians were the first to brew beer, in around 10,000BC.
  9. The Egyptians also drank more beer than water when they were building their famous pyramids. The water had an unsafe level of bacteria, so beer eventually became a meal for the workers and was enjoyed three times per day.
  10. Many beer lovers regard Westvleteren 12 as the world’s best beer. This super strong Belgian drink is brewed by monks and has an ABV of 10.2%. It was first introduced way back in 1940 and is known for its chocolatey taste. The bottles feature no labels but the product does have an iconic yellow cap. It can only be purchased at the monastery where it is brewed. Money generated from the beer goes back into maintaining the monastery. If you do ever visit to source your own Westvleteren 12, be prepared to wait in your car for some time.


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