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Beer in Space, G34.3 - a pint for all, every day for a billion years

We were talking at Order.Beer HQ back in February 2018 about Elon Musk and his flying space car. What an amazing achievement that is. According to my colleague it will remain in orbit for approximately billions of years!

Looking for Beer In Space

Anyway further to that, they are full of lots of "useful" information, especially for pub quizzes and the like but at least on this occasion, topical. Apparently in space there is enough alcohol for 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000... pints of beer. I stand corrected, apparently this is in one cloud. Specifically G34.3 also known as a Gas Cloud and a type of nebular cloud.

Nebular Cloud of Beer

The discovery made at Jodrell Bank (Cheshire) back in 1995, discovered a giant bridge of alcohol, wrapped around a stellar nursery and spanning approx 300 billion miles. About ten times the size of our solar system.

Jodrell Bank Telescope, part of the UK MERLIN Telescope Network

Rumour has it, there is enough alcohol in space (sorry one specific cloud) to provide everyone on the planet, a pint, every a day for a billion years.

Selection of beer in numerous forms, light and dark

The UK's MERLIN Telescope Network has allowed the astronomers to view in detail the masers from the methanol which means they can see them in detail and a complete picture including surrounding radiation.

Warning, not suitable for consumption

According to Dr Harvey-Smith from the Royal Astronomical Society there is a bit of an issue. “Although it is exciting to discover a cloud of alcohol almost 300 billion miles across, unfortunately methanol, unlike its chemical cousin ethanol, is not suitable for human consumption!”

We in no way claim to be scientific experts but we are pleased that the breweries we work with are quite frankly geniuses. If you're looking to improve the atmosphere and something to accompany such fascinating discussions as ours to talk deep into the night, analysing stars and pondering. Then we have some great selections to keep you and your party company. Have a look at our selections which certainly are suitable for consumption and we've enjoyed testing them!